Your Healing Starts With….You!

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Today, you will begin the process of healing old wounds, closing past trials, and ending bitter remembrances. You will make a concerted effort to begin by forgiving yourself for carrying this baggage for so long. Today, you will admit to yourself, truly admit, that the past is over and no degree of anguish or torture can change it. You will learn to admit that tomorrow, this current day will have become the past, and that only you can change today so that your past can be looked upon with fondness. This process is referred to as ” Forgiving your past”

Today, you will make a commitment to yourself to move on with your life, with or without the support, advice, or permission of anyone else. While it would be nice to have the support of those you love, today, you will understand that you do not need it. If you want to return to school to better yourself, go back to school! If you want to begin looking for another place of employment, do that!!. If you want to eliminate negative and contaminated people from your life, remove them!. You have that power, you have that authority, and you have that right. Today, you will make the commitment to never wait for another person to grant you permission. This second process is referred to as “Moving On”

Today, you will give others the last opportunity to ever hurt you. You will let them know how much their negative behaviors and attitudes have hindered your growth and esteem, and if they are unwilling to change, today, you will walk away knowing that your life is better served without the contamination they brought. Today, you will forgive yourself for allowing others to contaminate your life and your dreams. Today, you will  Forgive your past, Move on and “Remove Contaminated People from Your Life”!


Do You Know Who You Are?

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STOP looking for others, such as Rayquan and Shaneka nem to validate you or to make you feel you have selfworth. It’s called selfworth for a good reason. Your selfworth does not come from you allowing yourself to be a man pleaser, nor does not come from the response people give you. It does not come from what people think about you, because you have money, look good, etc. Your selfworth comes from within, knowing who you are in God, your selfworth comes from taking the time to know that had it not been for God you would not have made it this far. So many people are looking for someone to make them feel worthy, but I come to tell you that you will have a very lonely and disappointing road ahead of you, if you continue to look to man and not God.

 The word of God says; looketh to the hills which cometh your help”. God is restoring His people and telling them that they are beautiful. You are the apple of His eyes, He does have all your tears in a bottle, God has heard your cry and He knows all about it, and He is there to comfort you. I will share with you that, MY selfworth comes from knowing my past does not determine my future, and that God’s mercy and grace has been granted upon me and my end will be greater than my beginning. I have purposed in my heart to serve God all the days of my life. I will respect my body as the temple that God has given to have. (Not just by food going in, but also by who I allow to speak into my life) I have selfworth because my testimony is my story that no matter what the enemy has tried to throw my way, no matter what I have been through in my life, I will not allow it to break me. I know that I was bought with a price and as long as I have Jesus……….I have my selfworth! Can I getah Amen!

 I Love Allayall To Life!